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No Choice… Online Shows Until ????

Hello to all of you. It’s been a really hard and challenging year for all of us. And not knowing what the future will have storage for us, we are forced to create and try new ways to solve the problem we are facing , sometimes, out of our comfort zone. My last show was in February 2020. Eventhoug I always resisted to do business online, maybe this crisis will be showing me new avenue to reach more people and bigger bigger audiences. It will

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Hello my friends. I want to share my very first experience with “Online Marketing” or “Viral”. It was over the Labor Weekend. For 57 years, Kings Mountain, located in Woodside, California it’s been running this show, as a Fundraiser for the Fire Department. so instead of cancelling the show, they decided to go online. Good choice. It was a very interesting learning experiences, with some glitches and expected problems, but overall, I have to congratulate Kings Mountain for the well organize virtual show. Although the

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My Message To All Of You!

A Note To My Loyal Customers   Hello everyone! First of all, hope you are safe and healthy… I know we are going through difficult times and  some challenges we never expected we were going to face!. A wake up call to all of us! I was just talking to my grandson ( 14 years old) the other day about all these unstable and scary times we are facing. Maybe, it’s time to reflect in all the good things that surround us, big and small,

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